B2B Sales Acceleration: Help Buyers Buy

Speed is crucial when it comes to closing a deal and making more sales. Developing that speed takes time, practice, and determination. Sabrina Ferraioli shared some of her knowledge about closing B2B deals in this post for Business 2 Community: According to an article in Forbes by Ken Krogue, one of the keys to sales acceleration is to pick up the phone. While new, shiny tools are exciting to marketing leaders, in the end, what’s most important is increased sales. It turns out that to help buyers buy, which is what you have to do to sell faster, you actually have… Continue Reading

Is Predictive Intelligence the Future of B2B Marketing?

We are in the middle of a revolutionary time in history. In focusing on the right data points, you can use predictive analytics in your content marketing to curate the best possible content for your audience. Val Levin wrote about predictive intelligence and where it will take us in the future: Predictive intelligence is making businesses more efficient, effectiveand successful. B2B companies deploying predictive intelligence for marketing activities are closer to the holy grail of understanding each individual customer – and personalizing all content to their needs and interests. Technology not far from artificial intelligence is making a significant impact on the… Continue Reading

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