The official PriceWaiter app for Bigcommerce will have you selling more in no time. Beginning with a platform that makes price negotiation fast, simple and private, PriceWaiter’s suite of sales tools boosts customer engagement, conversion, and average order value on any retailer’s site.

The installation process is a breeze and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Just install the extension through the Bigcommerce app store, add a couple lines of code, and the widget embeds our Name Your Price button on any or all of your product pages.

Try our 30-day risk-free trial and start selling more immediately!

  • Customizable campaigns
  • Automated offer response
  • Reduce bounce rates with exit intent
  • Advanced analytical insight
  • Convert leads with time-sensitive calls-to-action
  • Quality customer support

1.5 and greater
Ease of Integration:
Developer Required:

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