Our platform apps make it quick and easy to get started with PriceWaiter. If you are using a platform not covered by our apps, do not fret!  A simple JavaScript embed on the product template page will get you up and running.  

3 Reasons to Choose PriceWaiter

  • Engage More Visitors – PriceWaiter helps you engage a larger percentage of your hard-earned traffic, and increased engagement equals a better bottom line. More than 1 out of 4 offers turns into a paying customer.
  • Convert Comparison Shoppers – Stop losing shoppers to the competition. Give your showrooming traffic every reason to stay and buy from you.
  • Make M.A.P. Moot – Stop Minimum Advertised Price from preventing sales before they start. PriceWaiter doesn’t violate MAP, it makes MAP moot by helping you and shoppers agree on a price – quickly, efficiently, and privately.

PriceWaiter is the best thing I’ve ever done for my site.

$20MM Ecommerce Business Owner

Official Integrations

Plug and play integrations that are ready to go.

Custom Integrations
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Custom Integrations

Here are a few of the other eCommerce platforms we have helped launch custom integrations for.

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