Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some of the most commonly asked questions we hear from retailers. Don’t see an answer? Contact our support team today.

How does this work?

PriceWaiter lets customers make offers on products you sell– offers you can accept, reject or counter. Our widget embeds a simple Name Your Price or Make an Offer button on any product page or category that you choose. Whether you simply want to boost sales, clear more inventory, or frustrated with MAP (minimum advertised price), PriceWaiter will provide you a simple, efficient way to convert more shoppers to customers.

What platforms do you guys support?

We support all major Ecommerce platforms. Along with all the major platforms, we also support custom installs, using a simple JavaScript snippet embedded on product pages. Read more here.

How does payment get processed?

We are powered by industry standard payment processors: PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Payflow Pro, Paypal Payments Pro, FirstData
and Cybersource + more (with others on the way). When you accept an offer, a checkout link is sent to the shoppers email inbox. From there, the shopper can complete the transaction (without a payment processor account) and funds are posted to your account. The money goes directly from the customer to your account – we never get in the middle.

Who are you working with now?

We are currently working with leading retailers across a wide variety of sectors. Some of our most successful industries include home and office furnishings, sporting goods & apparel, and electronics. Read more about our clients here.

How can PriceWaiter help make MAP restrictions moot?

As a company whose founders emerged from your side of retail, we understand the importance and balance of retailer-manufacturer relationships, and we understand MAP.

In conformance with MAP, a discounted or less-than-MAP price is never displayed anywhere on your website or in any public advertisements. Once a customer privately indicates a price they are willing to pay, you decide whether you will accept, counter-offer, or reject their offer, and they are instantly notified via email or SMS text. The whole process is private, secure, and handled via the PriceWaiter dashboard and private email. With PriceWaiter, you never advertise a lower price than what your vendor has suggested.

Again, our founders are experienced in retail, online and otherwise, and have played both the role of manufacturer and reseller. We understand MAP – its goals and its limitations. Rather than violate MAP, PriceWaiter helps retailers AND manufacturers sell more with greater control over pricing than before. PriceWaiter is deployed by hundreds of retailers across a broad spectrum of industries, and we’ve taken great care to ensure that we serve our customers, retailers — and their partners — with both respect and a focus on improving top and bottom line results.

Will orders automatically feed back into my system?

For partners using our turnkey extensions on integrated platforms such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce, automatic inventory adjustment and order fulfillment integration is up and running in seconds. For other platforms, we offer a callback API that allows even custom e-commerce stores to automate their PriceWaiter order system for maximum efficiency. See our platform integration page for more details.

How much will this cost me?

PriceWaiter is organized into three pricing tiers. Our low-cost option costs $49/mo + 2.9% of transactions passing through our system. Our middle (and most popular) tier costs $399/mo + 2.5% of transactions passing through the system. Our most robust version of the platform – a fully white-labeled enterprise edition – costs $1499/mo with a negotiable transaction rate.

If you’re a Pro or Enterprise level retailer and transaction rates aren’t your bag just give us a ring at 855-671-9889 and we’d be happy to discuss a monthly flat rate plan.

Will a Name Your Price button hurt my regular ATC (add-to-cart) sales?

Short answer: No, and you will sell more overall.

Longer answer: Our retailer data definitively (and intriguingly) shows that any effect on traditional Add-To-Cart transaction volume is negligible (less than 1%) and that overall transactions (traditional + PriceWaiter-assisted sales) increase by up to 30%. In other words, with hundreds of retailers so far, adding our Name Your Price button has increased, vs decreased, overall conversion and led to significant increases in incremental profitable revenue. You don’t have to take our word for it: Implement an A/B test and let your data speak!

How much time will this take to set up?

PriceWaiter is easy to implement. If you are running Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, or one of our other integrated platforms, simply download and install our extension via your platform’s app store (e.g., Magento Connect, Shopify App store, etc). If your site is operating on a different e-commerce platform or you have built your own, no problem. We’ll provide you a small snippet of JavaScript to embed on your product pages. Simply sign up for an account, and you’re ready to go.

Can we automate offer management?

We offer a powerful automated offer management system as a part of our suite of conversion tools. Through this system, you have the ability to set up offer response rules based on several different variables (margin, cost, inventory, etc) to respond to offers, in real time, as shoppers browse your site. You have total control over which products are automatically managed and can opt in items at the product, product collection, category, and store wide levels.

Our system uses pricing intelligence based on your management behaviors and variable inputs to determine what discount a customer receives. Our team stands by to assist you in setting up this system to maximize profits while minimizing time spent on offer management.

Why shouldn’t we just build this ourselves?

It sounds like it would make sense. Many have tried (and come back). But this is all we do – we live and breathe conversion, and spend every day working to make the PriceWaiter system better. Increasing your conversion rate is our primary focus, and you can count on a full development and customer service team dedicated to improving the PriceWaiter experience.

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