The Landscape of Mobile Search is Changing – How Will You Adapt?

Mobile search is changing every second. And now, most people prefer to use their phone for search instead of a computer or other device. The phone is now the TV and the TV is the radio. So naturally, the way we search for things is going to evolve and change. Bridget Randolph wrote about the problems and future of mobile search: This shift is hardly surprising, when you consider that, in 2015, 52% of UK internet users have stated that mobile is their “preferred way to access the web” — up from only 24% in 2013. This means the number of… Continue Reading

The 5 Best E-Commerce Podcasts of 2016

There are a ton of podcasts out there…..too many podcasts, in fact. In a noisy world, there are only so many resources out there you can trust. We are listeners, just like you. These 5 podcasts are the best in the ecommerce space. You might recognize a few of them!  E-Commerce Fuel  Hosted by Andrew Youderian, the E-Commerce Fuel podcast provides strategy, tips, and stories from successful online retailers. If you are just starting a business or have been in business for a decade, this podcast has something helpful for you. Andrew brings on influencers each episode that share relevant… Continue Reading

Google Continues Testing New Search Results Interfaces

Google is contstantly testing what their search interfaces show and how they show it. Lately they’ve been experimenting with card-style search results, and wider google search results. Barry Schwartz added some screen shots of the newest Google search tests: Google is constantly playing around and testing user interfaces for their search results and other services. Just recently, we captured them testing black instead of blue links in the main search results. Now, we are seeing Google testing two different interfaces, one that has a much more spacious and wider search results page layout, and the other that brings back the card-based styled… Continue Reading

Is Your Content Good Enough? 6 Questions to Find the Answer

What do you think of the content that your competitors publish? My guess? It’s not great. It’s easy to judge others but tough to evaluate ourselves. I guarantee that all your competitors think the same thing—that most content in your niche is junk. And yet…they believe that theirs is the exception. No doubt you think your content is pretty good too. Otherwise, why would you publish it? I’m not saying you’re wrong; I’m just pointing out that we all have biases. Of course, we’re going to think our own content is good. The ideal solution would be to hire a professional… Continue Reading

Announcing Enhancements to our Exit Intent Technology!

We’re excited to announce even more enhancements to Exit Intent technology! PriceWaiter’s revolutionary Exit Intent functionality uses mouse tracking technology to stop a user before they exit their browser or close a tab. These bouncing visitors are shown effective conversion content that urges the visitors to make an offer on the product before they leave. Check out our newest features:               Campaign Rotation Starting now, you have even more control over the rotation of campaigns when more than one is active. Set your campaigns to display evenly, or let our system optimize for clicks,… Continue Reading

PriceWaiter U: Automation Maximizes Margins AND Saves Time

Time Required: 5 minutes Results: Eliminating low-ball offers and increasing margins  With Holiday shopping in full swing, now is the perfect opportunity to automate PriceWaiter to maximize performance and save time. As a premium retailer, you are probably aware of our offer management automation tools available in the settings section of your dashboard.  If you are not, here’s the jist: Automatic Rejection allows you to set a minimum percentage discount you are willing to consider.  Any offers that ask for more of a discount than that percentage receive a notification that their offer has been rejected. (Eg. Any offer asking for… Continue Reading

Amazon Joins the Make An Offer Movement

Good news, Amazon Sellers! On Tuesday, Amazon introduced a ‘Make An Offer’ feature for facilitating price negotiations between buyers and sellers on Amazon’s Marketplace for one-of-a-kind items. Though this is a small-scale introduction, the rollout of Make An Offer functionality on Amazon points to a major shift in the eCommerce comparison shopping landscape. For other retail websites, PriceWaiter has been shaping this space for 2+ years as the leading industry provider in ‘Make An Offer’ technology. As news spreads about Amazon’s eBay-like pricing option, Amazon retailers will be waiting for a full expansion of this feature to seize a competitive… Continue Reading

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