25 E-Commerce Conferences For Online Retailers in 2018

We’ve put together a collection of the 25 best e-commerce conferences in 2018. E-commerce conferences and trade shows are a great way to network and gain exposure for your business. Big or small, there is a conference out there that can benefit your e-commerce business or online store. Chances are, there is going to be one near you too! These are the best in the industry! Affiliate Summit West When: January 5-7 Where: Las Vegas, NV eCommerce Fuel Live When: January 11-13 Where: Laguna Beach, CA NRF Big Show  When: January 14-16 Where: New York, New York Traffic and Conversion Summit… Continue Reading

How To Market PriceWaiter To Your Shoppers On Social Media

“It’s not a sale-it’s better.” The feeling that they shoppers are getting a “win” is what drives the psychology behind PriceWaiter. Customers feel like they are getting a special deal. This ad catches their eye and prompts them to click to find out how this is better than a regular sale. Facebook’s targeted audiences work great with this style of campaign, and work even better when using PriceWaiter as a selling point to come back when retargeting. The “make an offer” banner on the bottom right is a great way to get shoppers attention. The photo is large and shows… Continue Reading

The 5 Best E-Commerce Podcasts of 2017

Last year, we published our favorite podcasts of 2016. This year we are back with the podcasts that provide the best resources and entertainment in the e-commerce industry. There are a lot of so-called “experts” in the e-commerce space but we believe these 5 shows can truly help your business. Let’s take a look at the e-commerce podcasts that you should be listening to in 2017: The Jason & Scot Show Jason the “Retail Geek” Goldberg and Scot Wingo have been doing this e-commerce podcast since 2015 and it has only gotten better since then. They discuss the e-commerce and retail… Continue Reading

5 Ways Your Site Could Be Hurting Sales

When shoppers walk into a brick and mortar store and find a dimly lit, dirty, and disorganized, chances are they will walk back out again without buying anything. The same thing happens if an online shop or visits your website and does not have to type of experience conducive to making a purchase. Your site is the public face of your company. How it looks and how user-friendly it is determines the opinion people form of your products, services, customer interactions, and trustworthiness. These five website mistakes must be corrected if you want to get the conversion rate and make… Continue Reading

Touch ID Payments Are The Secret Sauce For Apple E-Commerce

apple ecommerce

The  technology giant is going all-in on the future of Apple e-commerce. Apple has announced their touch-to-pay technology, Apple Pay, would now be available on new MacBooks, Apple TV, and in your Safari browser. So why is this such a big deal? Shopify is reporting a 200% increase in conversion for retailers using Apple Pay. Apple already represents 75% of all contactless payments made in the Unites States. Apple Pay transactions are also growing 500% year-over-year. In fact, more purchases were made through Apple Pay in September 2016 than the entire 2015 year. Mobile commerce sales are increasing every year by a substantial amount: More people… Continue Reading

6 Shopify Themes Successful Stores Are Using In 2016

Starting and running an online store has never been easier, especially with platforms like Shopify. Over 240,000 online retailers sell with Shopify. When it comes to e-commerce platforms, Shopify is regarded as one of the best. What makes Shopify so appealing? Simply put, it’s very easy to get started and completely customizable. You can find hundreds of themes in the Shopify theme store that can make your store look incredible without complicated dev work. No budget? No problem! Shopify offers both free and premium themes. We picked 6 successful stores that are using these Shopify themes the right way: Re + Co.|Boundless Theme Price: Free Featuring two… Continue Reading

The Product Page Optimization Playbook

For e-commerce retailers, product pages are where sales are won or lost. You have invested heavily in getting people to your website, so why not make sure they have the most enjoyable experience possible? Product pages should reduce distraction, create a sense of urgency for the buyer and provide every answer that potential customer has about the product. We went through hundreds of product pages to show you what tactics successful e-commerce retailers are using to optimize their product page. Use High-Resolution Photos This may sound like a no-brainer to you, but too many retailers are still using low-quality photos on their product… Continue Reading

7 Must Have Magento Integrations Of 2016

Magento is one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms available. It comes packed with integrations and extensions that make retailers lives much easier. Here are 7 that we believe can help any online seller! Facebook Connect Extension Social buying is now a full part of the e-commerce experience. Without the option to share a deal or to brag about a new purchase, retailers are missing out on sales and free publicity. That’s why Facebook Connect Extension is a must have for every e-commerce retailer. The extension is free and it’s also one of the top reviewed apps in the MagentoConnect… Continue Reading

33 Tactics to Engage and Retain More Customers- IRCE 2016

CMO of BeyondStores.com, Mark Ginsberg, will give insight on his digital marketing strategies, including email tactics, content marketing, shopper-friendly features, and how his customer leveraging incentives quickly grew his company from 1 million to 13 million dollars in revenue. In addition, Andrew Scarbrough, COO of Delegator.com and PriceWaiter, will share the tools and tricks used at BeyondStores and other retailers that promote rapid growth, engage, and retain customers. 33 Tactics to Engage and Retain More Customers- IRCE 2016 from Andrew Scarbrough 1. 33 Tactics to Engage and Retain More Customers IRCE 2016 PRESENTERS Andrew Scarbrough, PriceWaiter & Delegator Mark Ginsberg,… Continue Reading

True Performance Baselines & ROI for SEO Without Attribution Modeling

How do you determine your SEO program’s real performance, discounting the effects of seasonality, paid search spending or any other external factors? Columnist Chris Liversidge lays out a step-by-step process for reaching a reliable ROI calculation: It’s an old trope of the Search Engine Optimization industry that SEO is the channel with the greatest return of any online marketing channel. But, given Google’s increased ability to identify and penalize sites employing poor-quality link-building practices, my experience in the new business trenches with QueryClick (my employer) tells me that many agencies today are failing to deliver return for their clients. And,… Continue Reading

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