We’re Headed to IRCE 2015!

It’s only 56 days away! not that we’re counting or anything.. We’re really excited to be exhibiting at IRCE 2015 at McCormick Place West June 2-5 2015! We’ve got a lot of cool announcements planned, plus we’ll have all the bacon your heart could possibly desire! Make sure to stop by our booth (#442 – right across from PrestaShop‘s).  We’ve got some really powerful new feature’s we’ll be debuting – plus we’ll be giving away some cool tech. Who doesn’t love free electronics? If you’d like to attend, feel free to come as our guest and get a 10% discount off… Continue Reading

PriceWaiter U: Boost Conversion by over 20% with Offer Expiration

Chances are, if you have been following our PriceWaiter U series, you’ve been doing all you can to maximize the conversion potential you have within the PriceWaiter system. We’ve got a ton of different tools and settings available to help you sell more, and one of the most powerful tools also happens to be one of the easiest to use! Getting Started with Offer Expiration First things first: Offer expiration is a feature available in our premium suite.  If you are currently using our free platform, you can easily upgrade and receive instant access to all of our premium features… Continue Reading

E-commerce Tips to Sell More This Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and this is a blessing for many e-commerce retailers, as Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercialized holidays of the calendar year. Here are a couple of e-commerce tips to help maximize your sales this year and take advantage of the hoards of romantics looking to impress their loved ones. High margin retailers: take advantage of your high margins to increase overall volume, but keep it personal! Highly seasonal retailers are often forced to provide discounts to beat out their competition during their most critical sales weeks. This often manifests in blanket discounts that… Continue Reading

PriceWaiter U: Mustache Removal

Time Required: 2 minutes Results: Neutral button branding Our Name Your Price and Make an Offer buttons default to inclusion of our branding – the beautiful mustache you see to the left of the button text: Premium customers have the ability to remove our mustache branding to make the button more brand neutral: To make this change, simply navigate to the button settings menu, found under the ‘Widget’ header. Once there, simply toggle the on/off selector however you’d like. Remember, the mustache selector is just one of many customizable features of the PriceWaiter button.  Take advantage of text, size, color, hover color,… Continue Reading

Shop.org Summit 2014 – Two Takeaways

The PriceWaiter team was in full force in Seattle, WA this year for NRF’s Shop.org Summit. The event was great, and there were a ton of cool technologies on display this year.  Here are two main takeaways that stood out to us this year: The Launch of Exit Offers: In our last blog post, we highlighted a new technology recently launched in our PriceWaiter Premium product: Exit Offers.  At Shop.org, we fully debut’d the technology to reporters and retailers from around the world. To say the interest was high is an understatement. Retailers are always looking for the newest and most effective… Continue Reading

Powerful E-Commerce Conversion Tool: Exit Offers

Method Man put it best: “Conversion rules everything around me – get the money – dollar dollar bill, gentlemen.” Here at PriceWaiter, we obsess over doing everything we can to increase conversion rates of our retail partners. Every little incremental increase can have huge implications. That is why we are proud to present the newest beta feature available to our premium partners: Exit Offers. Exit Offers allow you to target comparison shoppers as they attempt to leave your website. These comparison shoppers are targeted by using advanced mouse-tracking technology to determine when a comparison shopper is attempting to leave your… Continue Reading

Announcing New Features: International Ecommerce Compatibility

We are incredibly excited to announce the support of international e-commerce through the PriceWaiter Name Your Price® system. In the last six months, PriceWaiter’s growth trajectory has been exponential. Thousands of retailers across the United States have engaged us about increasing their online revenue and providing a new level of customer service. During this time, we were unable to support growing demand from the international community as they clamored for this functionality. That is why we are so excited to now support over 120 new currencies and shipping to over 130 countries. The notion of negotiating and haggling is arguably… Continue Reading

Announcing New Features: Enhanced Automation & Guest Checkout

PriceWaiter has recently experienced a rapid growth of retailers, each with individual goals. These enhancements don’t require any file updates – simply log in to your account to enjoy these enhancements! If our new retailer tools are not visible in your dashboard, contact us to inquire about upgrading to a premium account. Enhanced Automation For our premium account holders, we’ve added several features that makes the PriceWaiter experience even more efficient: Default Offer Values – Use this new tool to preset shipping and tax variables so that you don’t have to manually enter them before a customer checks out. Automated… Continue Reading

Getting Started with PriceWaiter App for Shopify

We’re excited that you’re interested in installing PriceWaiter into your Shopify Store! Installation is a breeze and only takes a few minutes.  Just follow these steps and you’ll be setup in no time: Login to your store admin panel (www.yourstoreurl.com/admin) Click “Apps” on your left side navigation, then click “Visit the App Store”  Type “PriceWaiter” into the search bar at the top right corner Click “Get App” Click “Install PriceWaiter – Name Your Price” Fill out your contact information and click “Create Account” Configure your button size, color, location, and type, then click “Save Button Settings” Remember: Be sure to… Continue Reading

PriceWaiter for Shopify!

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Shopify, an e-commerce platform powering over 100,000 retailers from big brand names to small craft shops. PriceWaiter, available now in the Shopify App Store, allows web comparison shoppers to privately negotiate below the advertised price, empowering retailers to engage more visitors, convert comparison shoppers and ultimately make Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) moot. Our goal was to appeal to Shopify retailers in a way that resonates with them — a seamless integration onto their site with a graphical interface that is easy and efficient to use. Shopify users are business owners, not software… Continue Reading

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