We’re Proud Of Our Reviews – Keep The Feedback Coming!

Here at PriceWaiter, we pride ourselves on giving you the best product and customer service in the e-commerce industry. We want to continuously improve and innovate.  Feedback is a vital part of our product’s optimization. Whether it’s Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Woo, or any other platform, we aim to be the most useful and profitable e-commerce integration out there for your online store. Here’s what retailers are saying about PriceWaiter: Shopify Reviews BigCommerce Reviews Magento Reviews We appreciate everyone’s feedback. Thank you for your reviews!

The Key to Providing Superior Buying Experiences

What makes for a great buying experience? Is it ease of purchase, fewer submission forms, or just less clunk on the site? Frank Visgatis wrote about his take on what truly makes for a great buying experience: Most everyone has heard the expression that “patience is a virtue.” Through the years when asked to describe the major difference between A players (superior) and B/C players (average) salespeople in one word. My response: patience. Mistakes sellers make stem from impatience. Once goals or problems are shared, many sellers immediately try to rescue buyers by telling them the solution, a phenomenon we call “premature… Continue Reading

The Pricewaiter Father’s Day Gift Guide

Psst…Father’s Day is in less than a week (Sunday, June 19th)! Are you prepared to give him more than an awkward sidehug, a fifth of something brown, and a side of bacon (wait, that’s actually awesome)? If you’re like us, probably not. That’s why we thank the gods for fast, reliable, 24/7 online shopping. At PriceWaiter we noticed that many of our clients feature cool products that just happen to make perfect father’s day gifts. As a service to our readers, our clients, and our disappointed paters, we decided to make a last-minute gift guide. Here’s to you, Dads; we… Continue Reading

6 Essential Tools For B2B Businesses

If you’re anything like me, you are always looking for a new app, tool, integration or anything else that can make life a little easier. Thankfully, there are tons of great tools out there! We highlighted 6 of our favorites because, without them, work would be a little less productive.  1) Slack  Slack is essential for nearly every business with a team. Communication is key, and Slack is the best at providing a communication service. What separates Slack from everyone else is the integrations feature. Services like Dropbox, GitHub, WordPress, Google, and Mailchimp are just some of the few who offer Slack… Continue Reading

Announcing a New and Improved PriceWaiter UI

You may notice that things look different around here! First, the overall dashboard has a new look and feel. Poke around! All the functionality that you’ve come to love is still here, just in an easier-to-use interface! Check out some of the changes below and you’ll be ahead of the curve: Home Screen: Your offers will populate the inbox in the exact same way, and management is nearly identical. Simply accept, counter, or reject your offers directly from your inbox, or view details about each individual offer. Add-Ons: To add Automation or Exit Intent functionality to your campaigns, simply click ‘Add-ons’… Continue Reading

Proud of Our Reviews – Keep The Feedback Coming!

We pride ourselves on providing top tier apps within the world’s best e-commerce marketplaces. Our developers are amongst the best in the business when it comes to developing for Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce, and many other leading platforms. It seems that you guys have been noticing this too! Feedback from our Magento Partners: Feedback from our Shopify Partners: Keep the feedback coming! If you are one of our fantastic customers and don’t mind letting us know what you think about the app, please do! Magento customers can leave feedback here and Shopify customers can leave feedback here.

Which Campaign Type Should You Use?

PriceWaiter offers 4 campaign types out of the box. Remember, you can customize the button text and widget window text to further tweak these campaigns. 1. Make An Offer This is your standard price negotiation flow.  Use this campaign type if you have: Margin you can work with Lots of inventory to get rid of Seasonal sale opportunity many more options! Activating this campaign allows your customers to make an offer to you based on the retail price listed on your product page. You then have the option to accept, counter, or reject the offer based on its profitability to… Continue Reading

Announcing PriceWaiter Campaign Builder!

Total Customization Use PriceWaiter’s powerful campaign builder to style your button, customize your pop-up content, and push your new campaign live to select product pages. PriceWaiter Campaign Builder gives you unparalleled control over almost every aspect of our pricing system – allowing you to customize all shopper touchpoints and deliver your visitors a truly personalized shopping experience that will incentivize commerce at a level you’d yet to experience. Your customers will be spending money – and they will spend it fast. We’ve taken the main areas of customer interaction – the buttons, widget windows, emails, and product checkout, and made… Continue Reading

Getting Started With PriceWaiter for WooCommerce!

The official PriceWaiter plugin for WooCommerce will have you selling more in no time flat. The installation process is a breeze and can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Getting Started: If you already have a PriceWaiter account, skip to configuration with existing PriceWaiter account. New Configuration: Navigate to your WordPress Admin Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Integrations > PriceWaiter Follow the on-screen instructions Create or set an API user Click the Free or Premium button (these special links will help automagically configure some of your settings) Complete the initial PriceWaiter account creation page Copy your stores API key from PriceWaiter… Continue Reading

Getting Started with PriceWaiter for BigCommerce!

Are you a BigCommerce retailer looking to integrate the PriceWaiter platform into your e-commerce store? Follow these easy steps and you’ll be up and running in no time! 1. Navigate to the PriceWaiter app page within the BigCommerce app store. Once there, click ‘Get it now’ 2. On the next page, click ‘Confirm’ 3. Begin filling our your store information.  Give us all the information you can, and try to upload a logo that has a clear or white background.  4. After you are done filling out your store information, click ‘Activate Store’ at the bottom right hand corner. 5…. Continue Reading

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