Son, we need to talk about MAP..

In a previous post, we discussed how Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is the bane of many retailer’s existence. Although we aren’t a retailer, we agree! One of our mottos is Make MAP Moot. And OP delivers! Out of all available technologies, PriceWaiter represents the best possible way to make MAP moot, and the one that will give you the least headaches. Why is that? Because manufacturers don’t have a problem with us! The entire basis of MAP is for manufacturers to make sure that you aren’t displaying a heavily discounted price publicly on your site anywhere. Manufacturers want to make… Continue Reading

Announcing New Features: & Time-Binded Offers!

Things are humming along here at PriceWaiter and we’re very excited to announce a few enhancements of PriceWaiter we made available at the end of January.  All of these features are available to you instantly simply by signing on. Time-Based Expiration To Your Offers You can now improve your conversion rate by adding deadlines to your accepted offers and countered offers.  We’ve seen some great improvements in shopper conversion simply by giving them a little extra incentive to buy now: the deal won’t last forever! Support Connect your Authorize.Net account to your PriceWaiter account and process your PriceWaiter orders… Continue Reading

Ecommerce Promotions: Timing Is Everything!

Everybody knows that the holy grail of e-commerce shopping is the end-of-year holiday season, starting with Black Friday/Cyber Monday. The reason you know about these days (other than them being your biggest moneymaker days of the year) is because they have been selected for you. You had no say when, where, and to what extent you should engage in special promotions. Retailers will often offer huge discounts – sometimes over 50% – to consumers, to entice them to shop at a certain store. This is happening simultaneously by thousands of retailers. The elephant in the room is the risk of… Continue Reading

2014 Ecommerce Pricing Trends – Bet on em!

Online retailers are always looking to grow their businesses, and 2014 will be another big year for retailers to capitalize on new and exciting trends. Staying on top of the number of growth strategies and innovations will be crucial to the survival of all retailers in the coming year. Numerous articles lay out the trend roadmap for 2014, from geolocation targeting to augmented reality technologies; there’s even talk of adding a twist and allowing your customers to name their own price. The possibilities for the coming year are endless, and this series will take those predictions a step further by… Continue Reading

Things are looking a bit different around here..

You may have noticed a change in your PriceWaiter account recently.  On Wednesday, December 17th, we took PriceWaiter out of beta and launched our 2.0 product. Below are a few changes we’ve made that we think will improve your PriceWaiter experience: Universal Inbox – The largest change to your retail dashboard is the Inbox. This Inbox is where any offer that needs attention will display. Whether it’s a new offer your need to accept, counter or reject or a pending offer that a buyer has messaged you about, it will appear at the top of your Inbox, similar to how… Continue Reading

PriceWaiter for Shopify Feature Brings “Name Your Price” Platform to 100,000+ E-Commerce Retailers

Chattanooga, Tenn., — PriceWaiter, the revolutionary “Name Your Price” e-commerce tool, today announces its integration with Shopify, an e-commerce and retail platform with users ranging from big brand names to small craft shops. With the PriceWaiter solution, Shopify e-retailers are now able to provide customers with an innovative pricing solution that has powered millions of dollars in new revenue without cannibalizing existing customers or sales. “As both brands have been successful by providing modern solutions that appeal to retailers and consumers, aligning with Shopify was a natural progression for PriceWaiter,” said Stephen Culp, CEO of PriceWaiter. “Through the PriceWaiter for… Continue Reading

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