Are You Using Exit Intent Popups? Here's Why You Should Be!

You might be asking yourself “What are exit intent popups?” An exit intent popup is a widget that appears to visitors on your website before they leave the page. Exit intent can be triggered after a few seconds, when the user’s mouse hovers over the address bar, or when they click on certain links on your site.  Visitors are then shown a discount or offer to entice the user to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or download information like case studies. These offers can reduce bounce rate, increase sales, and help grow your e-mail subscribers!

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So why should you be using exit intent? C21 was able to increase their conversion rate by 8.1% just by offering free shipping! Exit intent popups can increase conversions and improve the amount of time a visitor stays on your website. The key to a successful exit intent offer is to give the visitor value. Implementing the right exit intent strategy for your site is critical. Here are some examples to get you started.

  • On product pages: offer the shopper a discount, coupon code, or free shipping to prevent comparison shopping.The average time online shoppers stay on an eCommerce website is just 15 seconds. Giving away a discount before the shopper can browse elsewhere will improve the chance of conversion by ~35%.
  • Price Availability: Allow your visitors to sign up for price drop notifications. This will allow you to collect their contact information so that they will be notified when an item they were looking at meets the price point they were willing to pay.
  • Make An Offer: Allow the shopper to make an offer on the product. This can be done with PriceWaiter or other apps from BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.
  • Surveys: With this strategy, the goal is to collect feedback from the visitor that is about to the page. You can use this feedback to help optimize and improve your website. You will need to offer the visitor something in return for completing the survey.
  • Newsletter: The purpose of this exit intent popup is to help build your e-mail list. Offer a discount, information on upcoming sales, or information on future products to get the visitor to sign up for your newsletter. This is useful for collecting contact information on visitors who land on a blog post.
  • Social Media: Offer discounts or coupon codes in exchange for visitors liking or following your social media pages. This is an easy way to grow your social media audience and retain first-time visitors.

These strategies will require a/b testing. Changing button colors and images in the exit intent popup can make a dramatic difference in how effective they are. Here are some examples of exit intent popups that convert!

Atlanta Light Bulbs uses exit intent to let visitors know they can make an offer on the product. Even if they make an offer that is too low, you will still be able to engage with the shopper by submitting a counter offer.

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Retail Doctor uses a simple one-button popup to promote newsletter sign-ups. This example creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) by stating how many “smart” retailers are already getting exclusive information by being a subscriber.

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KissMetrics uses a less intrusive exit intent popup to offer a guide to customer engagement automation. This is a valuable resource that gives the visitor a reason to enter their contact information in exchange for the guide.

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PacSun uses exit intent to collect user feedback. The value they give to their visitors is a chance to win cash in exchange for a short survey. This is a great way to learn why these shoppers decided not to make a purchase.

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Hockey Empire uses gamification to give discounts with their exit intent. Gamification tactics can increase the time visitors spend on your website by 2X! This is a fun way to engage with your shoppers while also reducing your bounce rate.

exit intent gamification

Fly Polar uses exit intent to generate followers and likes on their social media pages. By offering value, like the discount shown below, they are able to generate more follows and likes for their promotion.

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Exit intent popups are standard technology in 2018. 30% of the Top 1000 US e-commerce sites use pop ups. Exit intent is quick to implement and will become an impactful lead generator for your sales funnel. Here are some services that offer exit intent technology.

Ready to get started? Click here to learn more about PriceWaiter’s exit intent technology!

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