6 BigCommerce Themes Successful Stores Are Using In 2018

Making a beautiful website has never been easier thanks to the wide variety of BigCommerce themes! There are over 75 themes available in the BigCommerce theme store that will make your online shop look great. BigCommerce offers paid themes and there are also 7 free themes you can try if you just started a new site or if you’re on a budget. The themes we featured are the new stencil themes. If you are still using a blueprint theme, here’s why you should make the switch to a stencil theme!

We found 6 successful stores that look great. Here are some examples of the most beautiful websites using BigCommerce themes!

Venture Bright | Redverz

Venture Bright is a responsive premium theme. It offers powerful functionality that can handle large product catalogs,  that has the functionality to handle large product catalogs while maintaining a modern design. This theme also displays reviews prominently which will help drive sales.There are also three more variations of this theme that offer a similar look with the same functionality: Venture Warm, Venture Dark, and Venture Cool.

Cornerstone | XM2 Store

The Cornerstone theme comes with three style variations that are all responsive. Each theme works great with large product catalogs. Cornerstone comes in three style variations. You can customize the fonts, colors, and general style of your store to match your branding. Check out the store demos to see the LightBold, and Warm variations. This theme is updated regularly and is being constantly improved. In the latest update, the ability to add a product to multiple wishlists.

Fortune | New Life Art

Fortune is a high-sales e-commerce theme that is designed for small and medium-sized stores. Images are full-width and are presented beautifully in full-display. This theme is designed to easily collect product reviews with prominent calls-to-action. Fortune offers a wide variety of fonts, colors, product grids, and other customization options that will make any store owner happy.

Brixton | Viva Tubes

Brixton is built for stores with large inventories but offers functionality for any sized store. This theme features left-hand animated menus, advanced product comparison tables, and product pages that make it easy to convey your products’ features and benefits. Brixton comes in four styles: ClassicWarmLuxe, and Industrial. Brixton comes with a large selection of fonts and colors to choose from. This theme is focused on conversions! It offers a streamlined add-to-cart shopping system that will get shoppers through the checkout faster. You can check out a live demo of Brixton on your site by clicking here.

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 Supermarket | Scuba Gear Canada

Supermarket for BigCommerce is a responsive mobile optimized theme. This theme offers sidebar left navigation, multiple products by category block that is ideal for stores offering a wide range of products. Supermarket comes in three different styles: Yellow, Blue, and Pink. You might’ve guessed it, but they offer different color options with their selection of style variations. The homepage offers an image carousel, bestselling section, and featured products in organized tabs. The Supermarket theme has a detailed user guide to help with installation. Like most BigCommerce themes, installing the theme takes just a few minutes and no technical skill is required.You can test out the Supermarket theme in a live demo by clicking here. 

Parts WarehouseVoigt-Abernathy

Parts Warehouse offers a wide range of features and flexibility. This theme’s navigation is the perfect fit for stores that sell multiple products and different brands. The theme editor is extremely customizable and can be used by anyone, regardless of skill. It’s as customizable as you want it to be. The three styles of Parts Warehouse are Classic, Light, and Dark. Lone Star Templates are an official BigCommerce partner, so you know you can trust them! You can preview what Parts Warehouse will look like on your site by clicking here!

These BigCommerce themes will have your store looking modern and professional in no time! We only featured 6 themes, but BigCommerce offers over 75 free and premium themes that will fit any of your design needs. Let us know which theme you are using for your BigCommerce store by tweeting us @PriceWaiter!

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