How To Market PriceWaiter To Your Shoppers On Social Media

“It’s not a sale-it’s better.”

The feeling that they shoppers are getting a “win” is what drives the psychology behind PriceWaiter. Customers feel like they are getting a special deal. This ad catches their eye and prompts them to click to find out how this is better than a regular sale. Facebook’s targeted audiences work great with this style of campaign, and work even better when using PriceWaiter as a selling point to come back when retargeting.

The “make an offer” banner on the bottom right is a great way to get shoppers attention. The photo is large and shows detail in the product. This call-to-action is a great way to get the most out of your instagram ads, or introduce the Make an Offer campaign to your existing followers.

With Instagram, you can now place multiple photos in one post. Promoting one product (with the make an offer button included) in the photo is one way to earn engagement. With the new ability to showcase multiple photos you can include different types of products. So no matter what the people viewing your ad are interested in, you now have a higher chance of provoking them to tap a product they are more likely interested in.

Pinterest is another good social media platform to promote flash sales and custom campaigns. One of the things that makes Pinterest so good for industries like jewelry and fashion is the ability for people to easily share and increase exposure to their followers. In this post, the “name your price” feature is clearly explained. By using the sentence “secure your chance to win,” this will prompt a shopper to at least give the button a try to see if they can score a deal.

Twitter ads have a small amount of time to grab the user’s attention. Include “Make an Offer!” multiple times and use bright colors to help stand out. It’s helpful to A/B test these ads with different products and campaigns like “Name Your Price” and “Let’s Make a Deal” to find out which one is earning the most engagements and offers.

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