How To Market PriceWaiter To Your Shoppers: Newsletters and Flash Sales

Retailers using PriceWaiter already know that it leads to more sales and higher conversions. PriceWaiter can also be marketed to your potential and returning customers in very efficient ways that further increase those conversions. We took examples from real stores to show you the best practices for marketing PriceWaiter as a new feature, as well as promoting PriceWaiter flash sales to your shoppers.

First, let’s look at some successful newsletter campaigns that teach your existing customer base about PriceWaiter as a new feature:

Atlanta Light Bulbs went all out in this newsletter, clearly pointing out how to spot the “Let’s Make A Deal” button and how to use it. This leads to fewer surprises for the customer and engages the shopper to look for the call-to-action. If you have a loyalty program don’t forget to include it under the promotion for PriceWaiter! This is a great way to keep the customer coming back to make future purchases.

My Vintage Spirit sent out step-by-step directions on what PriceWaiter is, where they can use it, and how to use it. This detailed explainer prompted more sales and led to more website visits because it peaked the shopper’s curiosity and limited confusion by clearly displaying what the shopper should do to submit an offer.

One way to get your shoppers attention who has signed up to your newsletter is to promote single products in an email blast. “Special offer,” “Lowest price ever,” and “Get a special deal” are all great buzz phrases to capture shoppers’ attention. One click from this email should take the shopper directly to the product page, limiting the number of clicks it takes for the customer to make an actual offer. We have noticed this become a great way to sell excess stock and inventory quickly.

Language like “Our sale just got even better” can prompt your shoppers on your e-mail list to click out of curiosity alone. Letting shoppers know they can “make an offer” gives them the feeling they are getting a win.

Flash sales are a great way to move inventory by adding a time-sensitive element of urgency. Using the “make an offer” feature with automated offer response (based on discount thresholds you set) gets customers to the checkout page faster and creates a win-win situation for you and your shopper.

Allowing shoppers to negotiate is a great feature for customers and retailers alike. How you market PriceWaiter to your customers can have a big impact on how successful you can be with our suite of conversion tools. Look out for 2 upcoming posts where we cover social media and on-site marketing using PriceWaiter.

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