6 Shopify Themes Successful Stores Are Using In 2016

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Starting and running an online store has never been easier, especially with platforms like Shopify. Over 240,000 online retailers sell with Shopify.
When it comes to e-commerce platforms, Shopify is regarded as one of the best. What makes Shopify so appealing?
Simply put, it’s very easy to get started and completely customizable.
You can find hundreds of themes in the Shopify theme store that can make your store look incredible without complicated dev work.
No budget? No problem! Shopify offers both free and premium themes.
We picked 6 successful stores that are using these Shopify themes the right way:

Re + Co.|Boundless Theme

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Price: Free

Featuring two unique styles, Boundless is one of the most modern, elegant, and minimal Shopify themes out there.

Oh, and it won’t cost you a dime!

These templates may be free, but it certainly won’t look that way to your shoppers. Eye-popping visuals and edge-to-edge visuals make this theme look incredible on any device.

Our favorite feature is the slide out shopping cart. This addition will help move your customers easily towards the checkout page.  Too much text can clutter up a product page. Boundless uses large product images to decrease noise and to showcase the beauty of the product.

For more tips on product page optimization, check out the Perfect Product Page Playbook.

JM & Sons | Retina Theme

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Price: $160

Retina is a responsive theme that offers 4 beautifully designed templates. Out of the Sandbox was awarded best theme by the Shopify Ecommerce Design Awards in 2013, and these are still the most modern looking templates in the app store.

These subtle themes feature a full-width slideshow with a responsive layout for mobile. Large images pose as the backdrop with easy to read text overlayed. Social media integration and video support are also available to keep you current with the next generation of e-commerce.

Aside from the aesthetically pleasing features of this theme, Out of the Sandbox offers excellent customer support to help any level store owner install the theme. For these reasons, we recommend the Retina suite of templates for retailers looking to modernize their store without any serious dev work.

Kin | Canopy Theme

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Price: $180

Over a 20-month period Beyond Stores increased Incremental Revenue by 32% using PriceWaiter. Here’s how they did it!

CleanThemes is well-known for their beautiful templates. Canopy just might be the best one they’ve ever made. This theme is incredibly easy to navigate and customize and comes in three presets; Elda, Thread and Kiln. You can add up to 5 slides to your homepage with overlaying text. There are also over 100 different homepage configurations that are possible.

It should also be noted that CleanThemes has an excellent support reputation. 69% of shoppers recommend a business after a positive customer service experience. Comments regarding their customer support have helped make Canopy one of the most recognized in the Shopify store.

Since updating our theme to the very mobile friendly Canopy our conversions have jumped up 0.7% – so paid for itself in a matter of hours 🙂 Excellent and prompt customer service as always – thank you.


Looks like “Peachymama” is a satisfied customer.

If you are skeptical about spending $180 for a theme, you are in luck. CleanThemes offers a 30-day free trial.

Letter Lights | Showcase Theme

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Price: $180

Showcase is one of the most unique suite of themes in the Shopify store. This theme allows you to showcase large images with multi-level menus, which works flawlessly on mobile.

Startup stores selling boutique items, clothing, accessories or shoes are the perfect fit for this theme. Customization is quick, easy and painless. If simplicity and elegance are what you envision for your online store, Showcase is the right theme for you.

Seed Peoples Market | District Theme

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Price: $160

The District theme is one of the most customizable in the Shopify store. There are 3 different styles to choose from:

District, Energy, and Coast.

Each variation of the theme features a mobile-friendly slider, Instagram integration, and a customizable home page. District is a very modern theme that can rejuvenate your store with a fresh look. The District support team is also recognized and reviewed as the best in the industry.

The slick look and feel of this theme coupled with excellent tech support makes the District theme well worth the $160 price tag.

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Antioch Clothing | Brooklyn Theme

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Price: Free

Not only is the Brooklyn theme beautiful, it’s also one Shopify’s most popular. If you are running an accessories or clothing store, this is the theme for you. Brooklyn uses big beautiful images to minimize distraction and showcase the product. This theme looks beautiful on both desktop and mobile.

Brooklyn is a free theme, but still offers a sufficient amount of customizable options. This theme can be installed by anyone, regardless of skill level.

Regardless of your budget, there is a beautiful Shopify theme for just about anyone. Each one of these templates is very simplistic. That is where the future of e-commerce design is headed. Pick any of these 6 themes and you will be well-prepared for the future.

What’s your favorite Shopify theme?

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