The Product Page Optimization Playbook

For e-commerce retailers, product pages are where sales are won or lost. You have invested heavily in getting people to your website, so why not make sure they have the most enjoyable experience possible? Product pages should reduce distraction, create a sense of urgency for the buyer and provide every answer that potential customer has about the product. We went through hundreds of product pages to show you what tactics successful e-commerce retailers are using to optimize their product page. Use High-Resolution Photos This may sound like a no-brainer to you, but too many retailers are still using low-quality photos on their product… Continue Reading

7 Must Have Magento Integrations Of 2016

Magento is one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms available. It comes packed with integrations and extensions that make retailers lives much easier. Here are 7 that we believe can help any online seller! Facebook Connect Extension Social buying is now a full part of the e-commerce experience. Without the option to share a deal or to brag about a new purchase, retailers are missing out on sales and free publicity. That’s why Facebook Connect Extension is a must have for every e-commerce retailer. The extension is free and it’s also one of the top reviewed apps in the MagentoConnect… Continue Reading

33 Tactics to Engage and Retain More Customers- IRCE 2016

CMO of, Mark Ginsberg, will give insight on his digital marketing strategies, including email tactics, content marketing, shopper-friendly features, and how his customer leveraging incentives quickly grew his company from 1 million to 13 million dollars in revenue. In addition, Andrew Scarbrough, COO of and PriceWaiter, will share the tools and tricks used at BeyondStores and other retailers that promote rapid growth, engage, and retain customers. 33 Tactics to Engage and Retain More Customers- IRCE 2016 from Andrew Scarbrough 1. 33 Tactics to Engage and Retain More Customers IRCE 2016 PRESENTERS Andrew Scarbrough, PriceWaiter & Delegator Mark Ginsberg,… Continue Reading

Did Google Analytics Ruin Digital Marketing?

Google analytics changed the way we gained data and insights on website visitors. Google’s data reports are easy to read but sometimes difficult to understand what you are reading and if the information is relevant. This is why Tech Crunch rolled up their sleeves and looked at the positives and negatives of Google Analytics. When marketers brainstorm campaigns, they typically ask these questions, in this order: Who is our target audience and what are our goals? What is the best message for that audience? In light of our goals, which strategies within the Promotion Mix — advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, direct selling and… Continue Reading

Brick-and-Mortar Retail Tech: Through the Shopper’s Lens

Technology is helping retailers now more than ever before. It’s become imperative for brick-and-mortar retailers to use any technology that can provide real value. So, what type of technology brings this value? Allan Haims discussed which innovations will be the most beneficial for these retailers: For consumers, convenience and relevance are top priorities for driving purchases. On the convenience side, the ability to order online or via mobile and pick up in store offers value to shopper — not necessarily with lower prices, but rather with time savings. Starbucks has taken this concept to another level and fully integrated loyalty initiatives with… Continue Reading

How to Get Your Business Featured on Social Media Sites Followed by Millions

Getting featured by a social media influencer can change the course of your company’s success. Influencers are very undervalued. Paying someone to shout out your product can bring you hundreds of new followers and exponential page views. That’s why focusing content that influencers like is especially important. In this video, Ben Angel covers 6 steps that can help your business get featured by elite social media influencers. Let us know what you think by tweeting us @PriceWaiter 

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