The Top 5 E-Commerce Influencers of 2016 (So Far)


Many people claim to be “experts” or “influencers” in the e-commerce world. But there is only a select handful that help other people change their lives.

These people are important to the industry and are pushing it forward as the future of e-commerce changes.

We picked our 5 favorite e-commerce influencers that are changing the game:

Felix Thea


Must follow for Anyone interested in E-Commerce. Felix’s focus is on content and engagement, not selling pitches that are important to YOU. He started the Traffic & Sales Facebook Group that has over 750 online retailers. Felix is also the host of the Shopify Masters Podcast. The Podcast features over 130 episodes about tips, tricks, and advice that will help you become more knowledgeable.

Felix is also the founder of, one of the best e-commerce blogs around.

You can check out his free guide on how to grow email lists here!

Jason Goldberg


The “Retail Geek”

Jason is the co-host of the Jason & Scot e-commerce podcast, one of the most entertaining e-commerce podcasts out there (we even wrote about their podcast before!)

Along with the podcast, Jason is also the Senior VP of Razorfish, a website that helps retailers provide a more enjoyable shopping experience.

He has also amassed over 21 thousand followers on twitter!

You can follow him on twitter here!

Linda Bustos


Formerly of Formerly of GetElastic, the #1 e-commerce blog, Linda is now the founder of

Bio: Linda is an e-commerce strategist and author of the upcoming book Ecommerce Illustrated. In her 10 years in e-commerce, she has helped some of the world’s largest brands through consulting and the GetElastic Ecommerce Blog, and has provided expert opinion to Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, Time, The LA Times, New York Times and Forbes. Linda was named one of the top 30 direct marketers under 30 by DMNews in 2010.

Lisa has contributed to a number of big-name publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Time Magazine, LA Times, and New York Times.

She also has a large following on social media with over 10K followers on Twitter!

Steve Chou


Founder of My Wife Quit Her Job, one of the most popular e-commerce blogs in the industry.

Steve is a self-taught e-commerce entrepreneur that motivates regular people through blogs and podcasts to achieve more and to be successful.

Steve is the host of the top e-commerce podcast out there, the My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast. The show has nearly 500 ratings, so it’s safe to say he’s been helping many, many people grow their businesses.

Steve’s wife was able to quit her job and run a business from home. You can check out her online store here!

Andrew Youderian


Andrew is the founder of E-Commerce Fuel, a site dedicated to 6 figure retailers. E-Commerce Fuel is one of the biggest online communities for online retailers

Andrew is also the host of the E-Commerce Fuel Podcast, one of the most entertaining shows around.

He also guest blogs for sites like Automated Insights

Here’s a quick Bio:

After a few years in the investment banking world, Andrew decided he’d had enough and quit to start his first eCommerce business.  He’s been at it full-time ever since and has subsequently started and sold numerous eCommerce stores which have collectively generated over $7 million in sales.  Andrew is particularly experienced with bootstrapping stores to seven figures, business exits, SEO and community building.

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