Podcasts and Advertising: Social Media’s New Super Power

Ad blocking is making things very difficult when it comes to online advertising. People are looking for ad-free content and marketers have to continually adapt, or die. That’s why social influencers are becoming the most effective way to advertise your business.

Mark Schaefer posted an in-depth look into the future of podcasts and marketing:

We are rapidly moving toward an ad-free world, which is kind of scary because the Internet really, really, really depends on ads.

Ad blocking increased by 94 percent between 2015 and 2016. About one-third of all smartphone owners block the ads that make all that great free content possible.

I probably consume more content than ever. But I do it though Netflix, through Sirius radio, through Spotify. I don’t personally use an ad blocker … but I don’t see ads, either.

Fortunately, there is a new social media super-power that presents an extremely attractive new advertising venue: Podcasting. You heard me correctly. Podcasting is the little advertising engine that could.

You can’t block an ad on a podcast, and when the ad is delivered by a trusted podcast host, the format is arguably the most effective way to connect to some audiences right now. In fact, ComScore reports that people prefer ads in podcasts over any other digital medium!

Now is the time to get in on the ground floor of sponsored podcasts. Fueled by smartphone ownership and the advantage of being the “multi-task” medium, podcasting is experiencing its greatest growth spurt ever, as evidenced by this new report from Edison Research:


Most of the growth is occurring with consumers under the age of 55:


And podcast consumers are voracious, spending more than four hours per week consuming an average of five different programs:


You can read the entire article HERE

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