6 Out of 10 Links Shared on Twitter are Never Clicked


Chances are your company is using Twitter to help grow their brand awareness. However, it appears as if people 60% of links that are shared aren’t even being clicked.

The new data found shows that Twitter conversations are often lopsided between businesses and users.

As the study puts it, “there seems to be vastly more niche content that users are willing to mention in Twitter than . . . content that they are actually willing to click on.” The bulk of actual clicks on social media were generated by a small group of “blockbuster” articles, with about 9% of shared links capturing about 90% of Twitter TWTR 2.14% clicks.

In another important finding, the study discovered that despite Twitter’s reputation as a “live” platform, clicks have a consistent “long tail,” with tweets generating a steady drip of shares and clicks even after an initial 24 hour surge.

There are two sets of implications here—one for publishers, and one for Twitter and other social media platforms.

For publishers, the news may be dispiriting, but it’s not surprising. Headlines are King, because they both generate shares and encourage clicks. That leads some outlets to aim for the lowest common denominator with so-called “clickbait” headlines. But the study failed to find any consistent pattern to the few links that became “blockbusters.”

This is certainly something marketers need to pay attention as more data rolls in.

You can read the entire article HERE

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