True Performance Baselines & ROI for SEO Without Attribution Modeling


How do you determine your SEO program’s real performance, discounting the effects of seasonality, paid search spending or any other external factors? Columnist Chris Liversidge lays out a step-by-step process for reaching a reliable ROI calculation:

It’s an old trope of the Search Engine Optimization industry that SEO is the channel with the greatest return of any online marketing channel. But, given Google’s increased ability to identify and penalize sites employing poor-quality link-building practices, my experience in the new business trenches with QueryClick (my employer) tells me that many agencies today are failing to deliver return for their clients. And, in some cases, they report fantastic ROI figures despite presiding over declining organic traffic!

If you oversee SEO and want to get a true picture of your (or your agency’s) real return on investment improvement, what criteria do you need to use? Though this is a seemingly simple question, it’s a very important one to ask because SEO truly can — and should — be at the very core of your online marketing strategy.

You can read the entire Search Engine Land article HERE

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