6 Essential Tools For B2B Businesses

If you’re anything like me, you are always looking for a new app, tool, integration or anything else that can make life a little easier.

Thankfully, there are tons of great tools out there!

We highlighted 6 of our favorites because, without them, work would be a little less productive.

 slack_rgb-387x1811) Slack 

Slack is essential for nearly every business with a team. Communication is key, and Slack is the best at providing a communication service. What separates Slack from everyone else is the integrations feature.

Services like Dropbox, GitHub, WordPress, Google, and Mailchimp are just some of the few who offer Slack integration. It even provides an API so users can develop their own integrations.Slack also cuts down on internal e-mails by as much as 100%(!) for some businesses.


2) Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg lets you see exactly what people do on your website. Their heat maps show what is being clicked the most on your web page, what parts are being ignored and what parts are being scrolled through. It records this user behavior and presents the data in a beautiful snapshot.

Crazy Egg is easy to setup and easy to use. This tool is extremely useful for those putting emphasis on layout and web page design.

3) Buffer

When it comes to scheduling social media posts, Buffer is the best available. Buffer works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. Buffer allows your social team to share and schedule content in the most efficient way possible. It is incredibly easy to select between social accounts and post to the right ones.

Buffer also provides all the analytics you could need. It also can decide which time is the best for you to post the content based on data.

Moz-Logo14) Mozbar

Mozbar is a handy extension that displays SEO metrics for every web page you visit. It quickly displays the Page Authority and Domain Authority at a glance. These instant reports help you find what you are searching for faster.

Mozbar also allows you to create custom searches by search engine, see how difficult it is to rank for specific keywords, and view social media metrics for other pages. This is an extremely valuable tool for new or experienced SEO professionals.

tout-logo5) ToutApp

 When it comes to e-mail, ToutApp is the complete sales acceleration solution.

ToutApp comes with its own Salesforce GMail integration and focuses on tracking, templates, and analytics. Tout is known for their selection of templates.

Whatever you need, they’ve got it. You can send multiple emails with one click and schedule emails to be sent out at a later time. Tout also sends reminders that help keep track of taskss


6) Zapier

Zapier is the ultimate integrations tool. It connects all of your apps to your CRM, email, marketing software and everything else you can think of to save hours of work each day. Once integrated, Zapier auto imports your leads from GMail or Outlook into your contacts and conversations.

If you are looking to automate several repetitive tasks then Zapier is a great solution

Which tools and apps do you already use? Let us know what some of your favorite and most helpful ones are!
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