The 5 Best E-Commerce Podcasts of 2016


There are a ton of podcasts out there…..too many podcasts, in fact.

In a noisy world, there are only so many resources out there you can trust. We are listeners, just like you.

These 5 podcasts are the best in the ecommerce space. You might recognize a few of them!


 E-Commerce Fuel 

Hosted by Andrew Youderian, the E-Commerce Fuel podcast provides strategy, tips, and stories from successful online retailers. If you are just starting a business or have been in business for a decade, this podcast has something helpful for you.

Andrew brings on influencers each episode that share relevant information that can be applied to just about any business. In a world full of “experts” giving “advice,” this is definitely one source of information you can trust!


The Jason & Scot Show

Jason Goldberg & Scot Wingo are some of the brightest minds in the E-Commerce space. They mix in facts and expertise with current events in the industry. These guys can make just about anything interesting.

You can hear their latest episode here: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Deep Dive

shopify_masters_brandShopify Masters

Shopify Masters is the official Shopify podcast. Hosted by Felix Thea, this podcast is an extremely in-depth, and interesting bi-weekly show. There are insightful tips and secrets that can help any experience level.

Felix also features several major influencers on the show. If you own a Shopify store, this podcast is a must.

imagesBuild My Online Store

Hosted by Terry Lin and Travis Marziani, the Build My Online Store podcast is for real ecommerce store owners by real ecommerce store owners. They provide helpful checklists and cover important topics that can really help newer online store owners.

For the ecommerce vets, they’ve got you covered too with interesting talks about analytics, entrepreneurship, and optimization. You can find their entire episode library here.

fizzleThe Fizzle 

The Fizzle is one of the most popular podcasts in the business world, it’s also one of the most fun podcasts. Besides being hilarious, the show also provides some useful tips about audience awareness, creating valuable products and basic business practices. They even wrote an article on how they became so popular!

Thanks for reading, and happy listening!

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