Is Your Content Good Enough? 6 Questions to Find the Answer


What do you think of the content that your competitors publish?

My guess? It’s not great. It’s easy to judge others but tough to evaluate ourselves. I guarantee that all your competitors think the same thing—that most content in your niche is junk. And yet…they believe that theirs is the exception.

No doubt you think your content is pretty good too. Otherwise, why would you publish it?

I’m not saying you’re wrong; I’m just pointing out that we all have biases. Of course, we’re going to think our own content is good. The ideal solution would be to hire a professional marketer or editor to evaluate your content and compare it with that of competitors.

However, that’s rarely possible.

The next best solution is to have a checklist of all the essentials of good content.While you can make your own, I thought I’d start you off.

Neil Patel gives you 6 questions that you should ask yourself before publishing any piece of content.

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