Which Campaign Type Should You Use?

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PriceWaiter offers 4 campaign types out of the box. Remember, you can customize the button text and widget window text to further tweak these campaigns.

1. Make An Offer

This is your standard price negotiation flow.  Use this campaign type if you have:

  • Margin you can work with
  • Lots of inventory to get rid of
  • Seasonal sale opportunity
  • many more options!

Activating this campaign allows your customers to make an offer to you based on the retail price listed on your product page. You then have the option to accept, counter, or reject the offer based on its profitability to you.

This is our most popular campaign and gives your store unique and engaging functionality that your customers may have not used before.

2. Price Drop

This campaign is nearly identical in flow to the make an offer campaign, but uses slightly more subdued language to soften any potential issues a over-zealous manufacturer may have.

You can customize the text within both the product page button and the widget window to nudge your customers towards entering a price they may be interested in, but not engaging in direct price negotiation.

Use this campaign if your manufacturers are extremely MAP sensitive, or you are not ready to take the plunge on full price negotiation yet.

3. Price Match

pasted_image_at_2016_03_08_11_43_amThis campaign type allows your customers to alert you to other retailers who are offering the same product you sell at a lower rate.

The customer still has an opportunity to make an offer on products you sell, but there is an additional field that requires the customer to paste in the URL of a competitor’s lower pricing.

This campaign is good for retailers that want to be able to field offers, but who have been told by manufacturers that they are not supposed to offer direct discounting functionality.

4. Volume Discounting

This campaign type allows customers to make an offer on products if they are purchasing more than 1 unit.

This campaign type is good for retailers who sell a ton of units of small items all at once and typically extend discounts when potential customers call in.

This functionality only activates when the customer selects more than 1 unit from your dropdown menu.

Happy Selling!

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