Announcing Enhancements to our Exit Intent Technology!

We’re excited to announce even more enhancements to Exit Intent technology! PriceWaiter’s revolutionary Exit Intent functionality uses mouse tracking technology to stop a user before they exit their browser or close a tab. These bouncing visitors are shown effective conversion content that urges the visitors to make an offer on the product before they leave. Check out our newest features:               Campaign Rotation Starting now, you have even more control over the rotation of campaigns when more than one is active. Set your campaigns to display evenly, or let our system optimize for clicks,… Continue Reading

E-commerce Tips to Sell More This Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and this is a blessing for many e-commerce retailers, as Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercialized holidays of the calendar year. Here are a couple of e-commerce tips to help maximize your sales this year and take advantage of the hoards of romantics looking to impress their loved ones. High margin retailers: take advantage of your high margins to increase overall volume, but keep it personal! Highly seasonal retailers are often forced to provide discounts to beat out their competition during their most critical sales weeks. This often manifests in blanket discounts that… Continue Reading

PriceWaiter U: Mustache Removal

Time Required: 2 minutes Results: Neutral button branding Our Name Your Price and Make an Offer buttons default to inclusion of our branding – the beautiful mustache you see to the left of the button text: Premium customers have the ability to remove our mustache branding to make the button more brand neutral: To make this change, simply navigate to the button settings menu, found under the ‘Widget’ header. Once there, simply toggle the on/off selector however you’d like. Remember, the mustache selector is just one of many customizable features of the PriceWaiter button.  Take advantage of text, size, color, hover color,… Continue Reading

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