Amazon Joins the Make An Offer Movement

500px-Amazon_com_logo_svgGood news, Amazon Sellers! On Tuesday, Amazon introduced a ‘Make An Offer’ feature for facilitating price negotiations between buyers and sellers on Amazon’s Marketplace for one-of-a-kind items. Though this is a small-scale introduction, the rollout of Make An Offer functionality on Amazon points to a major shift in the eCommerce comparison shopping landscape.

For other retail websites, PriceWaiter has been shaping this space for 2+ years as the leading industry provider in ‘Make An Offer’ technology.
As news spreads about Amazon’s eBay-like pricing option, Amazon retailers will be waiting for a full expansion of this feature to seize a competitive edge. For retailers looking to boost sales on their own eCommerce sites, however, PriceWaiter continues to serve an enhanced, feature-packed version of this technology to retailers across the world, handling shipping and currencies for every major market.


Some online retail stores still might not be able to handle the fees associated with Amazon’s Marketplace, but fortunately, Amazon is but one ecosystem — PriceWaiter allows retailers to use ‘Make An Offer’ functionality no matter how or where they sell online. The best part? While Amazon fees are relatively high, PriceWaiter is absolutely free to get started, and powerful conversion tools are available for a small percentage-based fee.

With ‘Make An Offer’ on the horizon of becoming a staple Amazon pricing feature, now is the best time ever to develop an environment of private, safe negotiation on your own site.


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