PriceWaiter U: Automation Maximizes Margins AND Saves Time

Time Required: 5 minutes Results: Eliminating low-ball offers and increasing margins  With Holiday shopping in full swing, now is the perfect opportunity to automate PriceWaiter to maximize performance and save time. As a premium retailer, you are probably aware of our offer management automation tools available in the settings section of your dashboard.  If you are not, here’s the jist: Automatic Rejection allows you to set a minimum percentage discount you are willing to consider.  Any offers that ask for more of a discount than that percentage receive a notification that their offer has been rejected. (Eg. Any offer asking for… Continue Reading

Amazon Joins the Make An Offer Movement

Good news, Amazon Sellers! On Tuesday, Amazon introduced a ‘Make An Offer’ feature for facilitating price negotiations between buyers and sellers on Amazon’s Marketplace for one-of-a-kind items. Though this is a small-scale introduction, the rollout of Make An Offer functionality on Amazon points to a major shift in the eCommerce comparison shopping landscape. For other retail websites, PriceWaiter has been shaping this space for 2+ years as the leading industry provider in ‘Make An Offer’ technology. As news spreads about Amazon’s eBay-like pricing option, Amazon retailers will be waiting for a full expansion of this feature to seize a competitive… Continue Reading

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