Powerful E-Commerce Conversion Tool: Exit Offers

Method Man put it best: “Conversion rules everything around me – get the money – dollar dollar bill, gentlemen.” Here at PriceWaiter, we obsess over doing everything we can to increase conversion rates of our retail partners. Every little incremental increase can have huge implications. That is why we are proud to present the newest beta feature available to our premium partners: Exit Offers. Exit Offers allow you to target comparison shoppers as they attempt to leave your website. These comparison shoppers are targeted by using advanced mouse-tracking technology to determine when a comparison shopper is attempting to leave your… Continue Reading

Announcing New Features: International Ecommerce Compatibility

We are incredibly excited to announce the support of international e-commerce through the PriceWaiter Name Your Price® system. In the last six months, PriceWaiter’s growth trajectory has been exponential. Thousands of retailers across the United States have engaged us about increasing their online revenue and providing a new level of customer service. During this time, we were unable to support growing demand from the international community as they clamored for this functionality. That is why we are so excited to now support over 120 new currencies and shipping to over 130 countries. The notion of negotiating and haggling is arguably… Continue Reading

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