Announcing New Features: Enhanced Automation & Guest Checkout

PriceWaiter has recently experienced a rapid growth of retailers, each with individual goals. These enhancements don’t require any file updates – simply log in to your account to enjoy these enhancements! If our new retailer tools are not visible in your dashboard, contact us to inquire about upgrading to a premium account.

Enhanced Automation

For our premium account holders, we’ve added several features that makes the PriceWaiter experience even more efficient:

  • Default Offer Values – Use this new tool to preset shipping and tax variables so that you don’t have to manually enter them before a customer checks out.
  • Automated Counter Offering – Now, along with auto-rejection, you can set predetermined thresholds to automatically make counter offers. This means you’ll have even fewer offers to manually manage.
  • Bulk Offer Management – Use our Bulk Management tool to handle several offers at once.

Guest Checkout

Here at PriceWaiter, our primary focus is to increase conversion rates for our retail clients.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is to remove as many barriers as possible for a customer to complete a transaction. Our new UI flow allows customers to make offers and seamlessly proceed to checkout, without having to confirm an account.

Remember, as always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on how we can make your life easier, drop us a line!

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