Getting Started with the PriceWaiter Magento Extension

So you’d like to integrate PriceWaiter into your Magento e-commerce store.

Good news: it’s really easy!

There are two main components to successfully integrating PriceWaiter into your Magento Store. The first is downloading and installing the PriceWaiter extension from Magento connect.  The second is creating your PriceWaiter account and setting up your store.

Downloading the PriceWaiter Extension

  1. Navigate to the PriceWaiter Magento Connect Page
  2. Click the “Install Now” button
    Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.08.18 PM
  3. Login.  If you don’t have a Magento Connect account (separate from your Magento admin credentials), go ahead and create an account.
  4. Accept the extension license agreement and click “Get Extension Key”
    Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.13.04 PM
  5. Click “Select Key” and copy the key to your clipboard
  6. Login to your Magento admin panel (
  7. Login to the Magento Connect Manager (System >Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager)RhfK2Gb
  8. Paste the extension key from step 4 into the box under the “Install New Extensions” heading and click “Install”.Y9lnFQn

You’re almost done!

Now, you’ll need to activate your PriceWaiter account and upload your store information, and you’ll be ready to go!

Activating Your PriceWaiter Account

  1. Login to
  2. Under your store name, in the left column, click “Get Widget Code”
  3. Copy the API Key from the green box at the top of the page.YsuNKy6
  4. Log into your Magento admin panel (
  5. Navigate to System > Configuration.
  6. Click on “PriceWaiter” in the left column under the “Sales” heading.
  7. Paste your PriceWaiter API Key from step 3 into the “API Key” field.7q5NFGg
  8. Set “Enabled” to “Yes”.
  9. Adjust the appearance of the button under the “Appearance” heading to your liking.
  10. Click the orange “Save Config” button in the top right corner.

These steps can be completed in a manner of minutes and will get you up and running with PriceWaiter. Remember, from the PriceWaiter tab (under Sales), you have total control over the look and feel of the Name Your Price or Make An Offer button.

If you have any questions or are having problems completing the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our implementation team.  They will assist you in getting set up fast!

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