Things are looking a bit different around here..

You may have noticed a change in your PriceWaiter account recently.  On Wednesday, December 17th, we took PriceWaiter out of beta and launched our 2.0 product.

Below are a few changes we’ve made that we think will improve your PriceWaiter experience:

  1. Universal Inbox – The largest change to your retail dashboard is the Inbox. This Inbox is where any offer that needs attention will display. Whether it’s a new offer your need to accept, counter or reject or a pending offer that a buyer has messaged you about, it will appear at the top of your Inbox, similar to how your email works. Aiming for Inbox Zero will ensure your buyers are taken care of.

  2. Mobile Friendly – will now behave like an app with completely responsive design. You will be able to quickly navigate your PriceWaiter dashboard from a tablet or smart phone.

  3. Enhanced Revision – Does your customer want to change the color or quantity? No problem, you can now quickly revise the product ID, SKU, quantity, price and other values without having to delete the offer and start over. You can even change options.

  4. Canadian Shipping – Quickly toggle on or off the ability to accept Canadian Postal Codes if you’re willing to ship to Canada.

  5. Advanced Analytics – You will now have access to more data than ever. Easily review information such as button clicks, offers submitted, completed checkout, and total revenue.

  6. Metadata Tracking –  You can now track any custom data that you want through a new part of the API. This could be used to pass the source of a user’s visit that led to a PriceWaiter sale. Pass us referrer or affiliate data (or anything you want) and we’ll pass it back to you once a user checks out.

  7. Offer History – All order history and messages are now conveniently located and easily accessible in the dashboard.

We’ve got plenty more features just around the corner, so stay posted!

If you have any questions about these changes or your PriceWaiter account, feel free to shoot us a line at!

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