PriceWaiter for Shopify Feature Brings “Name Your Price” Platform to 100,000+ E-Commerce Retailers

Chattanooga, Tenn., — PriceWaiter, the revolutionary “Name Your Price” e-commerce tool, today announces its integration with Shopify, an e-commerce and retail platform with users ranging from big brand names to small craft shops. With the PriceWaiter solution, Shopify e-retailers are now able to provide customers with an innovative pricing solution that has powered millions of dollars in new revenue without cannibalizing existing customers or sales.

“As both brands have been successful by providing modern solutions that appeal to retailers and consumers, aligning with Shopify was a natural progression for PriceWaiter,” said Stephen Culp, CEO of PriceWaiter. “Through the PriceWaiter for Shopify integration, more than 100,000 online stores will now have access to a price-negotiation solution on any product buy page to give both shoppers and retailers more control over pricing,”

By providing consumers with an option to privately negotiate below the advertised price, the PriceWaiter for Shopify app empowers retailers to engage more visitors, convert comparison shoppers and ultimately make Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) moot. Boasting an average conversion rate of 26 percent, current PriceWaiter users extend across retail categories from home goods and security to jewelry and auto parts.

“Our goal was to appeal to Shopify retailers in the way that resonates with them — a seamless integration onto their site with a graphical interface that is easy and efficient to use,” said Andrew Scarbrough, COO of PriceWaiter. “Shopify users are business owners, not software engineers — they don’t have time for a complicated system that requires outside resources. PriceWaiter has an automatic installation complete in minutes and does not require a developer’s expertise at any phase.”

Continuing the theme of simple, yet customizable, the PriceWaiter for Shopify dashboard allows retailers to automate responses or manage manually — the process of accepting, rejecting or countering offers are customized to the needs of each E-commerce site. At the point of purchase, orders are automatically integrated into the Shopify store via order callback functionality.

For more information about the PriceWaiter for Shopify application, visit or the Shopify App Store.

About PriceWaiter:

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, PriceWaiter is revolutionizing e-commerce and pricing strategy with an innovative, and distributed, “Name Your Price” retail platform that engages customers, converts comparison shoppers, and makes negotiation simple, fast and private – everywhere. PriceWaiter helps both retailer and customer negotiate the “perfect price” on a retailer’s site, increasing conversion rates by double digits without cannibalizing existing sales. Informed by working with customers and studying millions of online interactions, the founding team includes leaders in e-commerce, sales, conversion, and analytics who share a vision – to make buyers and sellers happier, commerce more efficient and free markets freer. For more information about PriceWaiter, please visit: or call: (855) 671-9889.

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